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Histoire d'O


with a preface "Happiness in Slavery" by Jean Paulhan, first appeared as 600 copies published by
Jean-Jacques Pauvert in Paris in 1954. A number carried a medallion sized lithograph by artist Hans
Bellmer. The first English translation by Baird Bryant was published in tandem with the French edition
by the Olympia Press, Paris. An improved translation for Olympia by Austryn Wainhouse appeared in
1957 as Wisdom of the Lash. The Grove Press (USA) edition of Story of O and with a translation by
Sabine d'Estree appeared in 1965. This edition has been available in Britain since 1970 and is
still available in the UK published by Corgi Books. (see Shop page to purchase this novel)

Retour a' Roissy

Return to the Chateau

Story of O Part Two

originally published by Jean-Jacques Pauvert in 1969, this sequel or added 'chapter' has been available in the USA and
Britain since 1971 and 1985 respectively. It includes an article Une Fille Amoureuse (A Girl in Love) by Pauline Reage.




Story of O (1961)

USA. Directed by Kenneth Anger - unfinished
( apparently survives as a short film in the collections of a small number of connoisseurs)

Story of O (1975)

Fr/Ger. Directed by Just Jaekin, based on Histoire d'O. Screenplay: Sebastian Japrisot. Photography: Robert Fraissa.
Music: Pierre Bachelet; with Corrine Clery, Martine Kelly, Alain Noury, Udo Kier and Anthony Steele.
Shown for the first time in London December 1999 with a Camden Council 18 certificate for a short run at the ABC Leicester
Square, twenty four years after its British ban. Available on video and DVD. Much maligned but very praise worthy film
version of the Reage novel with Bond-girl Corrine Clery suffering at the hands of her 'lovers'.
To purchase Story of O on video or dvd go to Shop Page.

Story of O 2 (1984)

Fr. Directed by Eric Rochat. Screenplay: Eric Rochet. Story: Jeffrey O'Kelly. Photography: Andres Berenguer.
Music: Stanley Myers; with Sandra Wey, Manuel de Blas, Rosa Valenty, Christian Cid. Though not without
merit this 'sequel' to Story of O has little to do with the Pauline Reage novel and instead tells a story of business
and family moral intrigues which later found its way into print as The New Story of O (sometimes accredited to
"James Jennings") and as the third comic strip Story of O (Vol.3) by Guido Crepax.

Story of O: the series (1995)

Brazil. Directed by Ron Williams (actually Eric Rochat) Screenplay Ron Williams and Jennifer Field.
With Claudia Cepeda, Paolo Reis and Nelson Freitas. A ten hour version of Hoistoire d'O is a luxury indeed,
and despite the Latin American settings, stilted acting, uneven dialogue, dubbing and irritatingly repetitive music
there is much to enjoy in this long version of Storyof O with a somewhat gamine Claudia Cepeda delivering
ultimately a quite charming and sincere interpretation of 'O'. Much thought has gone into the choreography of certain scenes
and additional scenes not found in the original novel are not without invention. A prologue introduces each of the ten episodes.

Passion Slave (1995)

Brazil. 82 minute adaption of ten one hour episodes shot in Brazil and France. Produced & Directed by Ron Williams,
Screenplay Ron Williams and Jennifer Field. With Claudia Cepeda, Paolo Reis and Nelson Freitas. See above.

Fruits of Passion

Jap/Fr. Directed by Shuji Terayama. With Isabelle Illiers and Klaus Kinski and Arielle Dombasle.
Based on Retour a' Roissy. (see Shop page)
"Like Magritte let loose in Wonderland."- Nigel Andrews, Financial Times.
Again, very little to do with Reage but the film's oddness (only recently available uncut) and
the casting of Kinski compensates for the film's shortcomings. Like an epic poem to melancholy Fruits of Passion
rambles through a series of eccentric set pieces interspersed with moments of surreality, with a story setting the
sadness of brothel life against a slim plot involving Sir Stephen financing a Cooley uprising! Fascinating.


Menthe - la bienheureuse (1979 )

Curious black &white hommage to Reage and Story of O directed by Lars von Trier.
Writing credits Dominique Aury (novel), Lars von Trier.

Cast: Inger Hivdtfeldt ... The Woman
Annette Linnet ... Menthe
Car-Henrik Trier ... The Gardener
Lars von Trier ... The Driver
Jenni Dick ... The Old Lady
Brigitte Pelissier ... Voice of The Woman
Runtime 31' Language French, Denmark


The Story of O - Untold Pleasures (2001)

"Your parents named you O???"... A somewhat clever reshaping of the O story has an American 1990s "O"
enjoining in a battle of compliance with Sir Stephen. The film is not without imagination but lacks both grace and strength.
With music reminiscent of the Emmanuelle spin-offs and action more in keeping with 'straight to video' this Story of O,
despite its good intentions, is sadly more Red Shoe Diaries than Reage, and rather than
ringing 21st century changes to the original novel it gets stuck in a dated sensibility.

Directed by Phil Leirness, Produced by Pierre-Richard Muller (USA)
with: Danielle Ciardi, Neil Dickson, Max Parrish, Michele Ruben


Historia Sexual De O (1986)

Eurotrash movie borrowing the 'O' tag is typical Jess Franco fare from the 1980s and has nothing to do with
Story of O, with Alicia Principe (a.k.a. Alicia Pedreira) as Odile, the 'O' of the title.



The Journey of O (1975)

Directed by Chris Latham (C.F. Kennedy) with Serena (Serena Blaquelourd),
Vanessa Jorson, Emily Smith, Georgina Spelvin USA 1975. 74 min.
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The Film Music:

The soundtrack music from Story of O by Pierre Bachelet & the Stanley Mayers music from Story of O 2
on cd is available on the CAM Original Soundtrack label from Rome (Italy) please go to Shop page
for details of distribution and availability


The Illustrators:

Leonor Fini

Between 1968 and 1975 several editions of Histoire d'O were produced in France as large
'luxury' editions containing illustrations (in color and black & white) by the surrealist painter born
in Buenos Aires LEONOR FINI (1918-1996). ( See Origins of O on this website.)


Hans Bellmer

Artist Hans Bellmer (1902-75) supplied a medallion size engraving for the cover of the Histoire d'O first edition published
by Jean-Jacques Pauvert in Paris (1954) However, only a small number of the first edition were printed in this fashion
possibly only for friends of the publisher and those of the author. Bellmer at this time was working on illustrations
for editions of Sade and Bataille's Story of the Eye.

Guido Crepax

(b.1933. Milan - d.2003 ) It was his creation Valentina, who first appeared in 1965, that proved for illustrator
Guido Crepax the potentiality of cartoon literature or 'fumetti'. Crepax created Bianca (1970), Belinda (1973), Anita (1973),
and went on to produce distinctive comic- strip versions of Story of O (1975), Emmanuelle (1979), Justine(1980),
and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1984). Story of O was drawn between 1973 and 1974. Grove Press published the comic
in English in 1978. It is still available in paperback as three volumes (see Films above). A new hardback edition is now
available from publishers Taschen/ Evergreen. (to purchase go to the Shop Page on this website)


Loic Dubigeon

Cent dessins pour illustrer HISTOIRE D'O, Paris 1981.
Dubigeon's style is sophisticated realism, hand drawn, in black on white.
Scenes of violence and physical acts seduce the viewer in numerous drawings
inspired by Story of O. Further drawings were published in Paris in 1997 as Retour de Roissy

Lynn Paula Russell

One of Britain's few erotic film stars, Lynn Paula Russell has become an established illustrator in the field
of sm erotica. Over several years during the 1980's she produced a series of stunning illustrations based
on Story of O for a private patron. See her work published by The Erotic Print Society, London (see Shop page),
and illustrations in Februs magazine.

Stefan Prince

Artist and creator of this website (known elsewhere as "Keeper of the Book" !).
Over twenty large oil paintings and numerous drawings since 1996 all inspired by Story of O.
Some now in private collections. Examples exhibited in London at the Coventry Gallery, Erotica and elsewhere.
Featured in Skin Two, Desire, Marquis Fetish Images 2, Penthouse Fetish, and in the film 'Preaching to the Perverted'.
'Erotic Oscar' finalist (London 2000).
See Stefan's art on these pages and visit his 'Art of Stefan' website. See LINKS below:

David Wilde
David Wilde (Norman Shacklock 1918-74) illustrated a series of erotic books including
Story of O for a private client. His work (which at best is extreemly uneven in quality) managed to
find a place in Erotic Masters of the 20th Century (pub. Germany 1984-5). A new book
on Wilde's art can be purchased at the Erotic Print Society (see Shop page for link).


Songes six poems by Dominique Aury, published in Nouvelle Revue Francais, Nov. 1960,
and reprinted by Les Editions Perpetuelles, Dec. 1991.
O m'a Dit (O Told Me) Confessions of O
Pauline Reage interviewed by Regine Deforges. Published by Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1975 and by the Viking Press USA .
Story of O
Set of two audio cassettes produced by Watershed Audio UK (1994) Read by Kate Alexander. Excellent production in English.
Histoire d'O
Four audio cassettes (6 hours) - French language. La Voix De Son Livre (France Nov 1999)
The Good Ship Venus
(Hutchinson 1994) - USA title Venus Bound- the Erotic Voyage of the Olympia Press And Its Writers ,
by John de St Jorre - "a riveting account" of the story behind Story of O and the true identity of Pauline Reage.
Erotica -A Journey Into Female Sexuality
Canadian tv documentary dir. by Maya Gallus features parts of a filmed interview with Dominique Aury conducted in Paris in 1997.
(Films Transit International)
Vocation : clandestine
Dominique Aury interviewed by Nicole Grenier and published by Gallimard (L'Infini) 1999.


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